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Lucy’s Wine Tours is a brand of wine adventures for wine enthusiasts and anyone, who appreciates the authentic, the boutique and the personal.

For wine lovers, I am organizing half-day, one-day and multi-day wine adventures in Slovenia, all in agreement with the client and his/her wishes.

I am only working with small groups (2-15 people) as I want to make your wine experience as personal and boutique as possible.

I prefer to take my guests to the famous Jeruzalem or to the land of thousand hills - Haloze, because apart from growing up there; I also know most of the winegrowers and winemakers personally.

Available Wine Tours

From active wine tours to top-notch wine experiences and wine & culinary teambuildings.

Do you want to be part of traditional harvest in Slovenia? 🍇
Do you want to spend a day with a winemaker and learn all secrets of making exquisite Slovenian wine?
Maybe you want to go on an adventurous jeep ride, straight into the vineyards, with a local who is also a winemaker?
Or simply immerse yourself in the wine world, admire stunning vineyards, sip a glass of wine, listen to winemaker and enjoy mouth-watering dishes?

exclusive wine tours

Are you interested in taste and smell of wine in complete darkness?

Do you want to taste only archive and award-winning wines?

Contact us and we will prepare something unique and exclusive for you.

teambuilding v vinogradu

Is your company constantly investing in employees and their satisfaction?

Do you have special and unique business partners and you would like to create something meaningful and unforgettable for them?

In the plethora of team-building programs available today, I would like to offer you a break in the nature, among the vineyards, in the company of hospitable people and top quality wine, with plenty of laughter and connecting activities for your business.

Contact me and together we will create unique wine adventure for you and your employees or business partners.

Meet our wine team

Everyone who will conjure up an unforgettable 🥂 experience for you


Lucija Peklar

Tour guide and local host during the wine tour

World-traveller and adventurer at heart, lover of wine and foreign languages

Ljubiteljica dobre hrane in vrhunskega vina.

I spend most of the time in wine cellar, tasting different wine samples or exploring new places.
I consider myself as a very demanding person, satisfied only with the best. When creating wine adventures I hold to principle that only the best is good enough for my clients.



Experts that work hard all year round to pamper you with the most precious drink from their cellar.


Tourist farms & Restaurants

With their knowledge and experience they will serve you their excellent culinary delights straight from their kitchen and make sure you will leave our region with the most beautiful impressions.

Experience Slovenia with a glass of exquisite wine...

"Wine is sunlight, held together by water." - Galileo Galilei

We live in a modern, fast-paced world, where everything is moving at a speed of light. Work and personal habits are increasingly intertwined, however, socializing and personal contacts are losing importance.

I would like to invite you to take your time and embark with me on a wine adventure, to the most beautiful wine-regions in Slovenia.

Together we will explore the diversity of the wine region, enjoy the stunning views of the winding and terraced vineyards, laugh at the humorous tales of locals and indulge in the richness of culinary specialties and fine wines.

Time is the most important and most limited resource, that can never be restored once it is gone. We can always have more of other things in life, except time.

Why wouldn't you spend it with the right people in the moments, that really matter? 🥂🥂



Browse through descriptions of the winegrowers we are partnering with, wine experiences we have attended, or interesting things about Slovenian wine.

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Wine memories from our guests...

Read what others say about our wine adventures... 🥂

Lucija is a great tourist guide, I was very surprised at her organisation and tour, as she made sure our wishes came true.I was very delighted to be able to know Prlekija and wine cellars. Tour was amazing and full of surprises.

Ana V.,



I was very skeptical, as I don't consume any alcoholic beverages, not even wine. Obviously I had to attend this wine tour, to realize the quality of wine and to change my mind about wine consumption. Organization was great, we had loads of fun, laughed a lot and heard many funny anecdotes. In short, I strongly recommend everyone to attend this kind of wine tour.

Borut B,


Really unique wine tour, with a lot of socializing and getting to know new places, historyand tasting of quality wines. I recommend it to every lover of homemade delicacies and exquisite wines!

Mateja R.,

Novo mesto


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