Are you a wine lover, totally infatuated with wine and everything related to it? Or are you just a lover of everything fine who is living his or her life to the fullest?

In both cases, wine tours are simply something you will enjoy. We like the feeling of being pampered with exquisite wine, delicious food and breathtaking views, the carefree feeling, where we simply chill out and enjoy the moment.

Maybe you are adventurous yourself and you may think: wait, I can go on a wine tour myself and look up the wineries. And I will not pay as much. Yes, it’s true. Go ahead. But in this post I would like to prove to you, why it’s sometimes useful to have a tour guide and simply enjoy.

Wine Guests Toasting in the Vineyards Smiling Sunset



1. Unique Wine Experience with a Local Tour Guide

Imagine two scenarios: self-driven tour, where you research prior to your arrival all the wineries, wine cellars, have to book wine tastings in advance, not speaking a local language, d. You may succeed, but there are high chances you may miss some of the most famous sights or breathtaking views.

Now imagine this: You book a wine tour with local tour guide and all you have to do is express your wishes and preferences. And of course show up on the day. What will you get in reward: full-day personalized wine adventure, tailored to your wishes, local tour guide, who will share with you local tips, tell you legends and tales, and of course will take you to best wineries and winemakers, because he/she knows them by heart.


2. Stress-free experience without hassle

Do you remember organising your last trip, riddled with stress and anxiety if everything was in place? Forget about it with organized wine tour!

Not only you will have a private tour guide, the tour will also be tailored to your wishes and preferences. And without any stress or hassle. And what is the best?


3. No need to drive

There is a famous and well-known saying that goes: don’t drink and drive. It’s not only dangerous, it can also have deadly results. And you don’t have to sip alcohol all the time, you can enjoy it without guilty conscious and fully immerse yourself to the wine sensory experience.


4. You may make new friends

We all know that birds of a feather flock together. Wine tours are the best way to meet like minded people and discuss with them your views and thoughts on wine.




5. You gain more knowledge

Going on a wine tour is different than going solo wine tasting. The places you will visit on your own may be crowded and it will be very hard to actually talk to winemaker or host about wine and wine production. On a wine tour, that will not happen. The winemakers will be informed about your arrival, will take time to guide you through wine tasting and of course explain you everything about wine production. Such experience is much more enjoyable, educational and sensory.