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Apart from classical wine tours, Lucy's Wine Tours also offer active wine adventures for individuals and small groups.

Active wine adventures:

 Harvesting grapes, together with locals... 🍇

Wine Safari... 🚐

Bread baking, together with housewife... 🍞

  Culinary workshops... 🍰

Bicycle adventures among vineyards... 🚴‍♂️

Exploring Nature Reserve of Ormož Basins... 🐦🌼

 Practicing yoga during sunrise, among the stunning views on vineyards... 🧘‍♀️

Spend a day with a winemaker and learn everything firsthand about winemaking...🍷🍾

It will be our great pleasure to organize all the listed adventures for you and create an unforgettable wine experiences for you, right in the heart of vineyards. 

Do you want to experience the Slovenian harvest in a slightly different, but unique and boutique way?

Do you want to harvest exclusively grapes intended for the prestige wine line?

And last but not least; do you want to try excellent and quality wines together with culinary specialties?

Then don’t miss this unique Slovenian harvest opportunity!

Experience Jeruzalem and its vineyards from more adventurous perspective.

Immerse yourself in the world of wine and taste the exquisite flavours that our region offers.

Haloze - magnificent world of mouth-watering dishes, steep slopes, covered with vineyards and people, living together with nature for centuries. Taste homemade culinary delights while enjoying a glass of real wine from Haloze and listening to the stories of winemakers.

Culinary Workshops

Starting price: 70€

Culinary Workshops

Socializing, creations, culinary delights. We are partnering with the greatest chefs who will be more than happy to share the secrets of cooking with you and will completely blow your mind with the preparation of traditional Slovenian dishes in a modern way. Let yourself be seduced.

Immerse yourself in stunning vineyards and beautiful landscape on your bike. An experienced bike tour guide will take you to the most beautiful viewpoints and make sure you taste top quality wines, along with culinary specialties.

Embark on an active adventure of the Nature Reserve of Ormož Basins, experience the diversity of many rare and endangered bird species along the beautiful river Drava, enjoy various activities and indulge yourself in delicious specialties and exquisite wines from Prlekija region.

Embark on an unforgettable Wine & Culinary Fairytale, amidst vineyard-covered hills of Jeruzalem. Feel the land of hospitable and friendly people with a glass of wine and delicious meals.

Together we will stroll through the oldest town in Slovenia, and enrich the sightseeing with the wines and cuisine of the Ptuj area. We will also visit tourist farm, where we will pamper ourselves with local delicacies, as well as tastings at various winegrowers around Ptuj.

Prekmurje - the land of storks, mills on the Mura river, Prekmurje gibanica, fine wines and unspoiled nature. Together we will try the exquisite wines, while enjoying a variety of culinary flavors.

Are you a big lover of sparkling wines and fascinated by sparkling wine bubbles every time? Then immerse yourself in the wonderful world of sparkling wines among the rolling hills, covered with vineyards and discover the magical world of sparkling bubbles.

Blue Franconian - velvet wine from Posavje wine region, known for its full and rich taste, aroma, color and medicinal properties. During quality harvests and in skillful hands, Blue Franconian gives great red wine. Some of the best Blue Franconians, we are going to taste and enjoy during our wine adventure.