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Doživetje v Kozjanskem parku

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Wine & Culinary Adventure in Kozjanski Park

Kozjanski park: Kozjanski park is one of our oldest and largest protected areas. At the most eastern part of the park, along the border river with Croatia - Sotla, we can still find well preserved riparian vegetation and dead river branches, as we continue more towards the west, we will slowly ascend into the hilly world, overgrown with beech and oak forests. The main recognition of the park are apples of old fruit varieties. In Podsreda, small town, every second weekend in October, the legendary Kozjansko Apple Festival takes place, which is one of the largest and most visited environmental events.

Detailed Tour Programme

We will start our wine & culinary experience at the family wine estate Gruska Winery , which lies in the heart of the Kozjansko Regional Park protected area. The Gruska Winery is named after the Gruska Cave, located just 200 meters from the winery. At the winery, we will first enjoy a warm meal, followed by wine tasting. The specialty of the Gruska winery is Ana's wine, reason for its specialty will be revealed tous during the wine tasting.

We will continue across Kozjansko hills to the Sinkovič farm , which has been involved in milk production for over 40 years. Since 2013, the farm has also been converting milk into dairy products. They produce probiotic fruit yogurt and regular yogurts, curds, spreads and young cheeses from whole milk. A brief introduction to the farm will be followed by pampering with all the local dairy delicacies.

After cheese tasting, we will drive to the Minorite Olimje Monastery .The Olimje castle, nowadays transformed into a monastery, was once owned by the Counts of Attems, but today it is home to the Order of Friars Minor. Next to the castle is the magnificent Baroque Church of the Assumption of Mary, and on the ground floor of the south tower is an old monastery pharmacy with frescoes, considered to be the third oldest pharmacy in Europe. Under the expert guidance, we will visit the monastery and pharmacy, and a botanical garden, with over 200 specimens of medicinal herbs. After castle tour, we will stop at Olimje Chocolate Shop , where we will be presented with a history and description of Chocolate and Pralines at Chocolate Shop, and gourmets will have plenty of opportunity to buy chocolates.

After chocolate tasting we will continue towards Jelenov greben, where the Ježovnik family with accompanying staff have been preparing surprises for their guests for many years. The most recognizable activity they offer is local cuisine, based on deer and mushroom specialties, as well as a diverse selection of fine wines from all over Slovenia. Here, the hospitable staff will first introduce us to the history and tradition of the farm, and later we will enjoy a delicious deer goulash and house dessert.

We will conclude theour Wine & Culinary Adventure in Kozjansko Park at the Emino Wine House , located at the eastern edge of Kozjansko Park. Emino Wine House was founded in 1988 as a cooperative cellar where winegrowers from Kozjansko and Obsotelje can offer their top quality wines. Each year, between 200 and 300 tonnes of grapes are harvested at the Emino Wine House, from which 200,000 liters of premium wine are bottled. At Emino Wine House, we will first take guided tour of the wine cellar and then enjoy 6 wine samples along with a snack.

Wine & Culinary Adventure includes:
  • all entrance fees and guided tours according to the program (wineries, cheese farm, minorite monastery, chocolate shop, Jelenov greben)
  • 2x guided wine tasting with snacks
  • game goulash at guesthouse Jelenov greben