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Sparkling Wines from Dolenjska

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Sparkling Wines from Dolenjska

Did you know, that wines from Dolenjska have been suitable for producing sparkling wine already in 19. century?

Sparkling wine and Dolenjska region: Dolenjska wines are distinguished by their freshness, fruitiness and pleasant acids, which give the best base for the production of sparkling wines. According to the French oenologist from Champagne, Francois Botton, Dolenjska has better potential for sparkling wine than Podravje or Primorje wine regions. The grapes in Dolenjska reach the same maturity as in region Champagne, a French province where the most famous champagnes have been produced for centuries. Due to the extraordinary potential of the Dolenjska region for the production of sparkling wines and passionate winemakers breaking new grounds, we have prepared an extraordinary "sparkling" wine experience in the Dolenjska region.

Detailed Programme of "Sparkling" Wine Experience

We will start our sparkling wine adventure on a small family estate, Domaine Slapšak in Telče, in the heart of the Dolenjska hills. Domaine Slapšak is a "home project" in which each member brings their time and knowledge. The cellar of Domaine Slapšak was born in 2009, when the enologist Francois, from the French province of Champagne, joined the family, who was brought to Slovenia by love. Two elegant sparkling wines are produced in the cellar, and in exceptional harvests there is also a blue franconian, which forms its character in oak barrel. Presentation of the Slapšak estate, followed by a tasting of sparkling wine with culinary specialties.

After wine tasting, we will continue through the rolling hills of Dolenjska to the Kozinc Winery , which was born out of a love for land, wine, connection with nature and a deep desire for creation. The goal of the Kozinc winery is to create the best out of Dolenjska's natural resources. The wine cellar offers wide range of wines, from fresh, still and sparkling wines to structural and mature wines. Guided wine tasting, together with cheese and bread.

The next stop will be in Brestanica, where from 60 meters high pier the surrounding area has always been controlled by the Rajhenburg Castle , which is considered one of the most important monuments of medieval culture in Slovenia. The castle building was erected in the 12th century by the Archbishop of Salzburg - Konrad and entrusted to his ministerials, the Knights of Rajhenburg. The castle used to be in possession of Trappist monks for 60 years, and during the Second World War a camp for expulsion of Slovenes was set up here. Guided tour of the castle.

After visiting the castle, we will drive to the Krakovo estate, where for three decades, Mastnak Wine Cellar has been writing its wine story. Here, oenologist Zdravko Mastnak, with his family, creates top sparkling wines of Dolenjska wine region. Winemaker focuses mainly on sparkling wines and blue franconian. Guided tour of the wine estate, together with snacks follows. On wine estate we will also enjoy top-notch cuisine from Dolenjska region.

Wine Adventure of Sparkling Wines include:
  • guided tour in the heart of Dolenjska
  • 3x guided tastings of sparkling wine, together with bread and cheese
  • guided tour of Rajhenburg castle
  • top-notch cuisine on Krakovo Wine Estate
  • panoramic ride on picturesque hills of Dolenjska