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Wine Stroll through Ptuj

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Wine Stroll through Ptuj

Ptuj is considered as one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Slovenia. The city, surrounded by two wine-growing districts and the river Drava, was first mentioned in history in 69, when the Roman legions supported Vespasian's election as emperor. The city reached its peak during the Roman Empire, and in the Middle Ages, when the cultural and economic development was taken care of by the Lords of Ptuj, who also ruled it for over 300 years.

Today, Ptuj boasts a rich wine and cultural heritage, as the town is built on wine cellars, and the tradition of the oldest wine cellar is steadily continued by the Ptuj wine cellar. Every year in winter, Ptuj also glows in carnival colors as the streets are filled with numerous carnival masks; the most famous of them is Kurent. In the fall, the city comes to life again, this time in the sounds of poetry and wine, as the largest international poetry festival Days of poetry and wine takes place in the streets of Ptuj.

Wine Stroll in Ptuj includes:
  • a stroll through the oldest town with sightseeing (focus on wine history)
  • 2x wine tastings with bread and cheese
  • entrance fee to the Ptuj castle and tour of the castle collections under professional guidance
  • 4-course dinner at renowned restaurant in Ptuj (starter, soup, main course, dessert)
  • tour guide