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Nowadays it's very hard to find a great employee and even harder to keep one.

Not so long time ago, the most important motivator was salary, however the times have changed.

Employees need something more to stay at the company - they want to feel the part of the team, the part of the company's vision.

They want to be awarded for their contribution, for their hard work, either as a simple thank you, salary rise, or paid vacation.

They would like to be praised for their work, recognized for their talents, and awarded for their contribution.

But nothing outweighs employee relations - the core of the company.

It is proven that quality interpersonal relations increase satisfaction at a workplace, devotion to the company and consequently improve the outcome.

Shortly: if a company wants to compete on a global market, has to take care for the satisfaction of their employees. Only when we settle company's interpersonal disputes, we can start expecting positive results.

At Lucy's Wine Tours we will take care for your employees and business partners by creating unforgettable wine experience in Slovenian wine regions, which will focus on socializing and strengthening interpersonal relations between them.

We are guided by the principle: simple, social and wine.  🍷 🍷