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Wine & Culinary Adventure in Jeruzalem

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Wine & Culinary Adventure in Jeruzalem

Jeruzalem - quaint village, stretching on vineyard ridge, around the church Of our Lady of Sorrows. It is located in Northeastern Slovenia - in region Prlekija, extending from river Drava in the south and river Mura in the north.

According to the legend, Jeruzalem was founded by Crusaders (Teutonic order), when they were returning to Jeruzalem. The beauty of our landscape, hospitable people and taste of divine wine, convinced them to stay here forever and name this place Jeruzalem.

Higher locations of wine region, together with climate conditions, offer most favorable position for vine growth. Those vineyards are situated on the same altitude as vineyards in world famous Burgundy and belong to 5% of the best vineyard locations in the world.

Wine & Culinary Fairytale in Jeruzalem includes:
  • visit to a tourist farm, specialized in meat processing; breakfast from Prlekija and coffee
  • 3x wine tastings with bread and cheese
  • visit to Oil Mill, video presentation and pumpkin seeds tasting
  • stopover in Jeruzalem, at the pilgrimage church
  • traditional dinner from Prlekija
  • panoramic ride around Jeruzalem