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Wine & Culinary Adventure in Prekmurje

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Wine & Culinary Adventure in Prekmurje

Prekmurje– the land where time stops. It lies in the far northeast of Slovenia and is separated from the rest of Slovenia by the Mura River. A country that has always been away from the whole of Slovenia, is most characterized by storks, mills on the river Mura, Prekmurje cake, noble wines, and open and hospitable people

In Prekmurje we will still come across architectural pearls, still present old crafts and unspoiled nature. On a day trip we will pamper ourselves with the top wines of the Prekmurje wine-growing region, while also tasting the greatest culinary specialties.

Wine & Culinary Adventure in Prekmurje includes:
  • guided tour of Šunkarna Kodila (ham drying showrooms) with cold cuts (different types of ham, dried salami, three different spreads, homemade cracklings, vegetables) with a glass of white wine
  • 2x guided wine tasting in two boutique wine cellars in Prekmurje
  • visit to the chocolate shop with chocolate and wine tasting
  • traditional lunch from Prekmurje (soup, main course, dessert)
  • panoramic ride through the plains and hills of Prekmurje
  • tour guide